Technology Stack: Angular.JS v1, MongoDB, Node.JS Inside building company was created an information system that join all the building processes inside one database. It was done to get an instance information about any incidents in one of many building objects, control budget and statistics purposes.

I’m created the following things (mostly all the things):

  • Create infrastructure to run application and horizontal scaling;
  • Create build, test, deploy processes in Gitlab CI;
  • Create monitoring of API and site health status;
  • Create integration tests to API and Interface and unit tests for API;


  • Company client working, and integration with Yandex.Maps for objects coordinates;
  • Company building objects with building steps, their features;
  • Financial block, that include all the building stages;
  • System of financial reports;
  • Notification service, push-notifications, emails;
  • Logging service and notification services;
  • Executive orders;
  • Comments tree, mention tree, smart notifications;
  • Real Time refresh subsystem for critical components (Socket.IO)
  • Export data to Excel tables and PDF print;
  • System of controlling files and preview them, different file versions;
  • Documentation about every block of system.